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Self-Knowledge for Inner Change (July 2012)

Here in Vancouver, the Self-Knowledge for Inner Change practice sessions just had their opening night. A group of around 30 of us, from a variety of backgrounds and ages, came together to explore self-knowledge and practice together. We did the spiritual techniques of relaxation and awareness of the present moment. These simple practices gave us a means to explore the consciousness within, the basis of spiritual peace.

Despite the rather peculiar circumstances in that the session venue was having its hallway repainted, some good experiences were shared after the practices, and we all managed to make it out without a coating of paint on our clothes :-)

Personally speaking, some of the highlights of the night included seeing lots of new faces, hearing the feedback after the practices (I always find it inspiring to hear others’ experiences), getting to talk after the sessions with different participants, and, believe it or not, the obstacles that came up in running the sessions (such as the surprise painting work). Through all of this, I feel stronger and more motivated, and I learned more about myself.

Here are a few photos from the sessions.

Walking into the practice room.

Pentagram and incense burner at the back.

The cafe (before the addition of fresh organic cherries, blueberries, and granola).

Partial group shot from the back after a relaxation practice.

Just for fun: here's a shot of the doorway during the painting. Looking forward to a tidier doorway in the future!

It was really enjoyable to be joined by so many spiritually interested individuals. Thanks, everyone who came out. I look forward to our next meeting!


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  1. Marlon Flores
    Posted July 24, 2012 at 23:50 | Permalink

    I truly enjoyed the session and the practice. Right what I was looking for and I am looking forward to the next sessions!!

    One thing that I particularly liked was your comment about how helping others, to teach others, should be free, a philosophy that I share. Thank you Mike

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